We will design and furnish an effective system of public electric transport

according to customers’ requirements and considering technological, economic and geographic peculiarities of a specific region.

Key factors are pointed out below that have a major influence on the design and operation of the urban electric transportation system:

Passenger flow and targets of transport operators

These parameters condition which model of an electric bus, body concept, battery capacity, and charging technology will be preferred.

Ultrafast charging is highly recommended for urban passenger transportation. We would advise low-floor e-buses with wide doors.

For suburban rides, or shuttling, or sightseeing tours, or as school buses, we would recommend e-bus models with an advanced number of passenger seats.

Technical level and safety concept

We use only high-grade automotive and electronic components made by the world's leading brands in production.

Advanced equipment

Advanced service life

Safety of passengers:
Emergency exits
Fire protection system
Video surveillance
Online vehicle monitoring
Regional peculiarities and electric facilities
We'll consider possible variants of connection according to the available capacity and the state of the electric network
We'll account climatic features and local topography
We'll analyse distances, routes and traffic conditions

Charging infrastructure

An optimum charging type is selected based on the battery capacity.

The power required for a charging station will be determined by the length of the route, topography, and passenger flow.

Charging opportunities may be provided for in parks and at terminals of city routes. If necessary, we can also put together a proposal for either a fixed or a mobile charging station.

Comfort and eco-compatibility

We guarantee comfortable transportation for all categories of passengers, incuding infant passengers and passengers with restricted mobility.

Ergonomic passenger compartment and conveniency of the seat layout, handrail arrangement and steps, intellectual climate control.

Electric transportation in regions means refusal of diesel fuel as an environmental polluter, concern for the regional ecology and invaluable contribution to its future.